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OTDR FBG Reflector [Click to download PDF file]

Raysung OTDR FBG reflector uses FBG technology to reflect OTDR test signal (1645~1655nm or 1615~1635nm).

With wide bandwidth and low insertion loss, Raysung FBG reflectors are ideal to create high reflectance at the termination of a passive optical network (PON) without disturbing traffic. Comparing with the traditional reflector with thin film technology, FBG reflector has the advantage of very high reflectance at the test signal, very low insertion loss at the traffic signal very sharp reflection bandwidth edge, and very long lifetime.

Raysung FBG reflector can be embeded into an adaptor or a connector with pigtail with the option of SC/APC, LC/APC, etc.


- Low insertion loss and reflectance at traffic wavelength
- High reflectance at test wavelength
- Easy to install
- Exceptional reliability and environmental stability
- Compatible with GPON, EPON, GEPON, 10GEPON, NGPON

- Create high reflectance at the termination of a PON without disturbing traffic
- Test reflectance from the central office
- Check optical continuity of a subscriber when adding them or troubleshooting

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